A few years ago, after several failed “NaNoWriMo” attempts. I attempted to do my own version of this idea, but a bit more centered around my favorite aspect of writing, world building. Despite the fact that I never got very far into the project, I feel that this is a great idea. Now, with the help of an Obsidian Portal wiki on which to post updates and keep myself accountable, I am once again revisiting this idea in November 2013.

The rules I have set out for myself are as follows:

I have the entire month of November to create as complete and detailed as possible of a campaign setting for a tabletop role-playing game (which system I will use is still to be determined). I may insert a few writing prompts or blanks to fill in but I can not create any real content for the setting until midnight on November 1st.

I am encouraged to subvert existing tropes. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but originality is encouraged.

I am encouraged to produce as much content as possible, while deleting and backtracking as little as I can. In this particular case it is better to create an exceptionally fleshed out world that may or may not suffer from a few unnecessary cliches or have some inconsistencies, and make changes AFTER the end of November, should I ever decide to run this setting with a gaming group.

Most of my entries will be on the Wiki portion of this page. However I may be chronicling thoughts about my progress in the Adventure Log.

Campaign Setting Challenge